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Funeral plans: basic to comprehensive plans compared

All of the funeral directors listed below are part of the members of the Funeral Planning Authority where none of them provider services like headstones and memorials. However, some of them may choose to offer these funeral services as a customization at an extra cost. Some companies allow you to choose from their defined plans whereas some may choose you to take away as per your own wish. This will differ between funeral directors.

All of the following Prepaid Funeral providers offers you with variety of services including a hearse; care of body; guidance on registration and certification of death, confidential advice. Following are some of the basic plans which we have listed out for you, listing you where you would need to pay extra and where you would get something as a guaranteed feature.

Funeral plans
Lump sum Contribution to cremation costs Contribution to burial costs Cancel fee Removal of body (miles) Following limousines Viewing the body Funeral procession
Basic funeral plans
Age UK Emerald £3,225 Guar £1,220ab £95 40 No Yesc Yesd
Dignity The Chiltern £3,275 Guar £1,220ab £395 40 No Yesc Yesd
Family Funerals Trust Foundation £3,527e Guar Guar £100 20 No No Yesf
Golden Leaves Simple Plan £3,070 £999a £999a 20% 25c No No Yesd
Perfect Choice The Simple Plan £3,040 £1,015a n/ag £130 25 No No Yesd
The Co-operative Funeralcare Bronze £3,100 Guar Guar £250h 50i No Yesc Yesj
Standard funeral plans
Age UK Ruby £3,499 Guar £1,220ab £95 40 1 Yesc Yesk
Dignity The Malvern £3,565 Guar £1,220ab £395 40 1 Yesl Yesk
Family Funerals Trust Coloured £3,350e Guar Guar £100 20 1 Yesc Yesm
Golden Charter 50+ Standard Plan £3,085 £1,015p £1,015p £199h 15 No No Yesn
Golden Charter 50+ Select Plan £3,365 £1,015p £1,015p £199h 15 1 Yesc Yesn
Golden Leaves Standard £3,350 £999a £999a 20% 25i 1 Yesc Yesn
Perfect Choice The Traditional Plan £3,310 £1,015a n/ag £130 25 1 Yes Yesd
The Co-operative Funeralcare Silver £3,530 Guar Guar £250h 50i 1 Yesc Yesj
Comprehensive funeral plans
Age UK Sapphire £3,845 Guar £1,220ab £95 40 2 Yeso Yesk
Dignity The Highland £3,899 Guar £1,220ab £395 40 2 Yeso Yesk
Family Funerals Trust Willow £4,592e Guar Guar £100 20 No Yesc Yesm
Golden Charter 50+ Premier Plan £3,690 £1,015p £1,015p £199h 15 No Noc Yesn
Golden Leaves Premium Plan £3,650 £999a £999a 20% 25i 2 Yesc Yesn
Perfect Choice The Complete Plan £3,685 £1,015a n/ag £130 25 2 Yesc Yesd
The Co-operative Funeralcare Gold £3,875 Guar Guar £250h 50i 1 Yeso Yesj

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