11 things you want to know before taking Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Pre-Paid Funerals FAQ’s

What is a Pre-Paid Funeral?

A Prepaid funeral plan is a funeral paid in advance. The type and style of funeral plan may differ between contracts and their contracts. The funeral plans are always provided and executed by experts who are always know as funeral directors. Payment of funeral plans are usually made in advance or either with the help of installments for a specific period.

What are the Benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan and Who is Eligible to Take One Out?

Anyone is eligible to take out any kind of Pre-Paid Funeral Plan regardless of their age, current employment, or what so ever. While doing this, you will enjoy the following benefits from funeral providers:

  • You will be able to protect your family from making difficult decisions during emotional times.
  • Your family will be completely free from financial burdens during difficult times.
  • It makes a good financial sense by making all the important decisions regarding funeral as per today’s costs.
  • When you make the funeral contracts, you can exactly list out what all you need and what will they be carried out.
  • Paying in advance means you get a peace of mind for yourself and for your family.
  • Any money paid to funeral directors is not subject to income tax (depends on government policies).

What Does a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Include?

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is designed in a way to fulfil all your wishes and would reflect all your wishes. However, some are the following options to consider:

  • Exact type and style of your funeral services.
  • Arrangements and preparation of the body.
  • burial or cremation.
  • Specific cemetery or crematorium.
  • Type of coffin or casket.
  • Minister or Celebrant.
  • Which one to prefer? memorial book and memorial cards.
  • Extras including death notices, flowers, mourning vehicles etc, and
  • Other special features including a poem or piece of music.

If I Pay For My Funeral Now, Who Keeps the Money?

The money you usually pay to funeral directors is securely kept to an independent social entity like to a friendly society or to a trusted company. This will be used when requested by funeral providers for providing funeral services under the specified funeral plans. This will be the only case when the funds will be released to the contracted funeral directors.

Can I Pay a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan by Instalments?

There are currently two ways by which you can make payment to Prepaid funeral providers. You can either choose to pay in a lump sum amount or if you funeral directors gives you an option then you may choose to pay in regular installments as well. This is generally processed using a direct debit or booklet payment system for safe transactions.

What if I Move my Residence Interstate?

This usually happens in most of our cases for people who are into moving business or corporate jobs or love to travel etc. While if you are also one among the people who have or planning to move interstate then you can rearrange your funeral plans as per your current conditions. In this case, you would have to contact you funeral director and they will be able to assist you in transferring the current plan to a different funeral provider in the other state. However, the prices may not be the same all time with every funeral provider as there are various price difference between countries and cities.

What Happens if Death Occurs Interstate or Overseas?

If you are facing this situation then you would certainly have to notify your funeral director immediately about it. They would be able to arrange some kind of transport for you or provide you with some kind of custom requirements. In most of these cases, there is always an additional fees which would be for transportation. If at all, the death occurs in other country then the funds allocated for funeral would be paid to the estate.

What Happens if the Funeral Director I Choose Goes Out of Business?

The money which you have paid to the funeral director goes to an independent entity wherein it is completely safe and secure. In all cases, the money which you generally invest for your funeral in not accessible to your funeral provider unless he provides you with the funeral service. However, it is mostly unlikely that your funeral provider goes out of business and if that happens then you can always choose to transfer your current plan to other funeral provider of your choice.

Can I Get My Money Out of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

A Big No. Yes, it is a fact that you cannot withdraw your prepaid funeral plan in any way neither you can choose to use it in any other form of investment. However, if you are not satisfied with the funeral plan been executed, then you may choose to cancel the subscription and all your money will be refunded within 14 days of confirmation. Except this case, there is no other way where you can get your money back for the funeral expense therefore it is extremely important for you to decide which plan and provider to choose for funeral.

How Do I Locate A Pre-Paid Funeral?

Unfortunately, there is no fixed database records of all funeral contractors. However, if you are taking up any new funeral contract then we would suggest you to take a look on the funeral contract, its terms and conditions, and payment procedures and terms. You may also choose to contact our funeral funeral providers to choose your custom plans.

If you believe that you are going for a funeral plan then you may choose to look out for the following important things such as:

  • a Solicitor
  • a trusted friend
  • Next of Kin
  • the Executor of the Will
  • the Public Trustee.

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